Lordex Spine Institute’s – Massage Membership

At Lordex Spine Institute we do not believe that regular maintenance of your health should empty your pockets. That’s why we’ve started our Massage Membership Club, a low cost way to help you get the care your body needs to stay healthy. Contrary to belief massage is not a luxury or a special reward while on vacation, but a necessity for all. Motion induced pain and discomfort are the first signs from your musculoskeletal system that something is wrong. So you could say that pain is your “check engine” light for your body. Regular maintenance of your body will help keep your body running in tip top condition and not in the doctor’s office for an overhaul.  Remember, if you ignore your health, you will lose it.

Massage Therapy Menu

           Regular Price

  • 30 minute massage                  $  45
  • 60 minute massage                  $  95
  • 90 minute massage                  $145


  • NO Contracts!  
  • Includes monthly complimentary massages at membership level
  • Unused massages roll-over to the following month.
  • Schedule your appointments on-line up to 45 days in advance.

Gold Membership

  • 60 minute massage                  59/month
  • 90 minute massage                  79/month

Platinum Membership (Most Popular Level!)

  • two 30 minute massages           50/month
  • two 60 minute massages         100/month
  • four 60 minute massages        180/month
  • upgrade to 90 minute                25/massage

             Member Rates 

  • 30 minute massage                  $25
  • 60 minute massage                  $45
  • 90 minute massage                  $75
  • make it 90 minute                     $22

*Memberships based on monthly checking / credit card autodebit. All memberships are non-transferable. All Membership services must be used within sixty (60) days from autodebit/purchase date. ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS. Massages for wellness care (non-symptomatic) and is not applicable for injuries, auto-accidents, or work related conditions. Half hour massages may not be combined for one hour massage. Maximum of 90 minutes per massage session.