Lordex Spine Institute’s – Massage Membership

Are you tired of breaking the bank just to maintain your health? At Lordex Spine Institute, we understand the importance of regular self-care, which is why we offer the Massage Membership Club. With affordable membership options, you can prioritize your physical well-being without draining your wallet.

Contrary to popular belief, massage is not just a indulgence, but a vital component of a healthy lifestyle. Early detection of musculoskeletal issues can be signaled through motion-induced pain and discomfort, acting as a “check engine” light for your body. Don’t wait until it’s too late – regular massage can help keep your body running smoothly and prevent the need for more intensive medical care.

Don’t neglect your health – invest in the Massage Membership Club at Lordex Spine Institute. Remember, if you ignore your health, you’ll lose it. Take control of your well-being today.

Massage Therapy Menu

           Regular Price

  • 30 minute massage                  $  45
  • 60 minute massage                  $  95
  • 90 minute massage                  $145


  • NO Contracts!  
  • Includes monthly complimentary massages at membership level
  • Unused massages roll-over to the following month.
  • Schedule your appointments on-line up to 45 days in advance.

Gold Membership

  • 60 minute massage                  59/month
  • 90 minute massage                  79/month

Platinum Membership (Most Popular Level!)

  • two 30 minute massages           50/month
  • two 60 minute massages         100/month
  • four 60 minute massages        180/month
  • upgrade to 90 minute                25/massage

             Member Rates 

  • 30 minute massage                  $25
  • 60 minute massage                  $45
  • 90 minute massage                  $75
  • make it 90 minute                     $22

*Memberships based on monthly checking / credit card autodebit. All memberships are non-transferable. All Membership services must be used within sixty (60) days from autodebit/purchase date. ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS. Massages for wellness care (non-symptomatic) and is not applicable for injuries, auto-accidents, or work related conditions. Half hour massages may not be combined for one hour massage. Maximum of 90 minutes per massage session.